On December 28, 2017, the Independent will publish a special "YEAR IN PHOTOS" issue chronicling the past year in readers' photos. 

We're taking submissions of photographs taken anytime between Jan. 1, 2017, and Dec. 20, 2017. Photos can document anything Missoula: landscapes, landmarks, street scenes, public events, people, pets, activities, weather — there's no limit on the subject matter. 

And you needn't be a professional photographer (though we want to see images from the pros, too). Catch a great image on your phone on your bike ride to work? We want to see it. 

Each submitter can submit up to six (6) photos. Single-photo submissions are welcome as well.

Submitted photos should be in hi-res digital format, at least 300x250. If you're uncertain, submit the highest-resolution version of the image you have, and our production department will sort it out. Submitted photos can be landscape or portrait oriented, black and white or color, edited, filtered, or unfiltered. Just give us your best shots. 

Photo submissions should be accompanied by the photographer's name, the date the photo was taken, and a short paragraph describing what we're looking at: the event, the location, identifiable people and other subjects — any relevant information to help us write a description to accompany the photograph.

The Indy staff will select our favorites and publish 20-30 photos in the YEAR IN PHOTOS issue. We'll also select one favorite, and that photographer will win a free professional custom framing job, courtesy of the Indy.

Photographers retain the copyright to their work, but will grant the Independent rights to use their photos in our print newspaper and on our website. 

Email submissions are also welcome at editor@missoulanews.com.

Time is short — get those photos in soon!